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The Bee’s Buzz
Duncan Harmon
Hammond Hill Correspondents
October 21, 2010
The Great Pumpkin is Coming

What’s that mysterious shape rising out of the pumpkin patch…it’s the Great Pumpkin, that’s who! The Great Pumpkin only visits the most sincere pumpkin patch each year…according to the Peanuts character Linus. Hammond Hill’s pumpkin patch is going to be so great, those pumpkins aren’t going to know what hit them!

Fifth grade is working on creating our own “Great Pumpkin Patch.” Our assignment is to write a letter to the Great Pumpkin and create a pumpkin for the patch. We will have pumpkins big and small. Some have already been turned in and I think that they’re really good, so that proves that we’re going to be the most sincere patch of all. The biggest difference you will notice is that none of our pumpkins are carved, they’re all painted!

If you want to come and see our patch, it’s located in the cafeteria courtyard. You will be able to identify our patch because of the talented artist’s handiwork. We have scary pumpkins, like the “Evil Clown” by James Elliott. Perhaps you might notice the “Seasons” pumpkin by Katie Wright; it shows all four seasons and falls into the creative pumpkin category. Or, if you’re on the look out for an animal pumpkin, check out the “Spider” pumpkin by Crystal Jones. In our patch you will also discover silly pumpkins and beautiful pumpkins.

Halloween is coming soon and the Great Pumpkin may choose our patch to make an appearance! So, come check out our wonderful pumpkin patch today!

The Bee’s Buzz
Madison Odom
Hammond Hill Correspondents
October 28, 2010
Red Ribbon Week is a Hit!

Have you ever visited Hammond Hill Elementary during the month of October? If you have, you may have seen some of the activities that take place during Red Ribbon Week. Red Ribbon Week is when all the students pledge to be drug free.
Ms. Bussey, a first grade teacher who coordinates the week’s activities, explained that Red Ribbon Week is in October and helps kids learn how important it is to be drug-free for the rest of their lives. When asked about why being drug free is so important, Ms. Bussey said, “A drug free life rocks!”

At Hammond Hill Elementary, we dress up as part of Red Ribbon Week. On Monday, October 18 we wore jeans and red because we are “jean-uses” for not doing drugs. We “blacked-out” drugs on Tuesday by wearing all black. Camo (camouflage) day was on Wednesday because you won’t “see” any Hammond Hill kids doing drugs. This is the best week in the whole year for me because it is so fun to dress up.

Red Ribbon Week has an interesting history. According to the National Family Partnership website, it all started in 1985 when Drug Enforcement Administration Special Agent Enrique “Kiki” Camarena died tragically. His friends and family in his hometown of Calexico, California made a movement to honor him. Clubs were formed, and their members pledged to live a drug-free life. A red ribbon now symbols the fight against drugs. Parent associations in other areas joined and adopted the red ribbon. Then, Red Ribbon Week was proclaimed in 1988 by the U.S Congress.

Now you know how we celebrate Red Ribbon Week at Hammond Hill Elementary. This was the best week ever!


The Bee’s Buzz
Terrell Chavous
Hammond Hill Correspondents
November4, 2010

Parents and Teachers Meet!


Have you ever wondered what your mom and your teacher talk about when they meet? Well, I have. First, I think they talk about YOU being responsible and keeping up with your work. Also, they tell your mom if your work is neat and if it is mostly correct and turned in on time.

Second, they talk about your grades. You should always try for A’s and that way you should get awards at the end of the school year. I hope they say that my grades are very good this time.

Third, they talk about homework. Homework is important because when it comes to taking a test, you want to get a good grade. If you do your homework and study hard, it will raise your grades.

Finally, parent and teacher conferences are important because teachers can tell your parents how to help you at home. So parent and teacher conferences are a good thing.


The Bee’s Buzz
Anne Elise Garrison
Hammond Hill Correspondents
August 20, 2010


Ahoy Matey! No that’s not Sponge Bob Square Pants, that’s the greeting you’ll hear this year at Hammond Hill Elementary. Our school theme is a nautical one. Last Friday when we went to the school for ‘Meet Your Teacher Day’, the teachers had decorated the school hallways with lifesavers- not the candy- to let parents know where each classroom was located. This week in fifth grade we reviewed the school procedures and got to know our new teachers better.

In Mrs. Richardson’s classroom, everyone received little white sailor hats while Mrs. Richardson wore a captain’s hat. In Ms. Jones classroom we made maps of South Carolina and Georgia during our geography lesson. In science we began learning about the meanings of qualitative and quantitative- try saying those two words 10 times fast. At the end of each day, the fifth grade checked out with Mr. Mosby, from the television show Suite Life on Deck, in Ms. Mock’s room. What better way to end the day in fifth grade!


The Bee’s Buzz
Noah Lindler
Hammond Hill Correspondents
August 27, 2010


My name is Noah Lindler, and I am in the first grade. First grade is very fun, and it’s a lot of work. Our first day of school was very good. My mom came and took pictures. A few days later she came and brought books for our classroom and the library. Ms. Bussey is my teacher. She is very, very, very nice! It’s hard to get up at 6:00 to get ready for school. It’s hard for my eyes to get ready—they have been closed for a long time. My favorite part of the school day is recess, because you can play tag and dig. When I get dirty, I just brush myself off. My least favorite part of the day is when we have to do morning work. We go to activity every day: music, PE, art or library. Music and PE are my favorites. In music we have a lot of fun and get to do cool stuff, like singing a lot! Last week I sang the entire “Star-Spangled Banner” for the class by myself. My favorite lunches are pizza (not pepperoni!), spaghetti and sandwiches. We are selling cookie dough for the PTO. My parents and I have sold 10 boxes so far. I’m getting ready to take an AR test on my book, “Dragon’s Fat Cat.” I read it in 15 minutes! My favorite friends are Chase, Tyler, Macy and one more. First grade is very fun!


The Bee’s Buzz
Elizabeth Wall
Hammond Hill Correspondents
September 9, 2010


5th grade at last! Hooray! Finally at the top of the school. What a great start to the new school year. So far, we have met our teachers, learned our schedules and gotten into the new routine. We are already reading a novel titled “Hoot” in Language Arts. Adding and subtracting decimals is the topic in Math and in Science and Social Studies we are learning about plant and animal cells and the Reconstruction. Whew! So much information and it’s just the 3rd week of school!

One of our fifth grade teachers, Mrs. Mock, has been named in the top 5 for Aiken County Teacher of the year. We’ve had lots of visitors at our school coming to see her. Mrs. Mock had an exciting year because author Michael Buckley has made her a character in one of his new books and dedicated the book to our Principal and Mrs. Mock. Wow! I hope one day I can be in a book.

Well it’s off to the Bee Hive for me. I hope you have a great year. “Bee” Safe!


The Bee’s Buzz
Anne Elise Garrison
Hammond Hill Correspondents
September 8, 2010

This is your local gal on news Anne Elise Garrison. Friday Hammond Hill was all a buzz about fitness. Get it “buzz” we are the Hammond Hill Bees. Our annual Get Fit Day with Loralee Kokovich was held Friday during each of our activity periods. Each grade level went to the P.E room and boogied on down to some current popular tunes.

When asked about how she got involved with this annual event, Mrs. Kokovich -the Hammond Hill Junior Jazzercise teacher and Get Fit Day Instructor told me that back in 1995, she had children attending Hammond Hill Elementary school. “Brianna was in 1st grade and Marica was in 3rd grade. I was teaching adult Jazzercise and Jazzercise came out with a Jr. Jazzercise program. I decided I wanted to teach it because I was doing it in their classrooms. Hammond Hill administration asked, “Why don’t you teach it to the whole school?” Mrs. Kokovich has been teaching Hammond Hill students after school and at the annual Get Fit Day activities ever since.

As the program continued students were interviewed about their feelings toward having more Kids Get Fit Days. Blake Hoehn in Mary Richardson’s class responded that the Kids Get Fit Program helps, “Kids get Fit not Fat”. He also said exercise stops you from sitting on the couch and eating potato chips. Another fifth grader, Brittany Gallo who is also in Mary Richardson’s class, said that with more Kids Get Fit Programs, “Kids get the daily exercise they need.”

As the fifth graders wrapped up their last Get Fit Day at Hammond Hill Elementary, Mrs. Kokovich led them in a dance routine to the popular song “Hey Soul Sister”. Everyone joined in singing the song and waving their hands above their heads, it was like we were at a concert. Mrs. Kight our music teacher also got into the mood with us and swayed to the music.
As you can see Get Fit Day was successful. We got exercise and had fun doing it. That is just what Mrs. Kokovich hoped for, ‘that Kids Get Fit day at Hammond Hill will help students learn that exercising can be fun and should be done daily’. That’s the buzz for now.

The Bee’s Buzz
Will Livingston
Hammond Hill Correspondents
September 23, 2010

Here's the latest "buzz" from Hammond Hill Elementary.

Do you like to sing? If you do, HHE's music class is the perfect place for you. Every year, Mrs. Kight lets us walk on a "steppable" piano. She always lets us dance around, and sometimes she lets us play games!

Do you have a great idea for a drawing book? Mrs. Noland is teaching her classes how to make one. Her artwork is AMAZING! She is perfect for this job, because she teaches you everything you need to know to become an artist.

Football is the name of the game in PE. Our teacher, Mrs. Esposito, is showing us how to punt, pass, and kick a football. At the moment I'm still a beginner, because I am just not good at punting, passing, or kicking. Even though she is a Georgia fan, Mrs. Esposito teaches football very well.

If you feel scared, sad, or angry, visit Mrs. Cosh's room. Whatever you are feeling, Mrs. Cosh can help you through it. I have only had her class five times, but I know she is cool. Mrs. Cosh sets us on the right track. She is awesome!

Finally, HHE has the two best librarians in the state of South Carolina. Mrs. Criss and Mrs. Smiley never yell; they always have a calm voice. Mrs. Criss always reads a book that's related to our lesson. Mrs. Smiley is always getting stuff ready for book fairs, book orders, and taking pictures for the Accelerated Reader board. That's why Mrs. Criss and Mrs. Smiley are the best librarians in South Carolina.

It's easy to see why there is such a "buzz" about activities at Hammond Hill Elementary.


The Bee’s Buzz
Katie Wright
Hammond Hill Correspondents
September 30, 2010
A Cheerful Day!

"And the winner for Aiken County Teacher of the Year is…Nikki Mock!" said the announcer, and we all went wild! From our very own Hammond Hill Elementary, my fifth grade teacher Ms. Mock has won Teacher of the Year. Let me give you the scoop about the rest of her cheerful day.

There are two things that Ms. Mock loves: Mickey Mouse and Clemson. As we progressed through our usual day, DOL (Daily Oral Language), reading, and AR tests, all of a sudden we heard a tap at the door. It was our principal, Mrs. Vaughn, and the vice-principal, Mrs. Brown. Mrs. Vaughn took Ms. Mock to the back of the room while we went outside the classroom with Mrs. Brown. To our surprise we saw all of Hammond Hill Elementary's students lined up in the corridor with paper Mickey Mouse ears on!

We went to the library and put on our own Mickey Mouse ears. At the same time Ms. Mock walked in with tears in her eyes with the very own Clemson Cub right beside her! Then, the all of the fourth and fifth grade students went into the lunchroom and video-chatted with the author of the N.E.R.D.S. and Sisters Grimm series Michael Buckley, who is a college friend of Ms. Mock. Now, that's one exciting day!

Did you think that day was pretty exciting? I did too. We are hoping she gets to be Teacher of the Year again next year. Good luck to one of my favorite teachers, Ms. Mock!

The Bee’s Buzz
Addi Alexander
Hammond Hill Correspondents
October 7, 2010


“We got spirit! Yes, we do! We got spirit how about you?” When you drive by Riverview Park and see the boys practicing for football you know it must be fall. My name is Addison Alexander and at Hammond Hill Elementary there is a lot of “buzz” about fall.

Now one thing we “buzzy bees” like about fall is football and cheerleading. Like I always say, “Football is not a game without cheerleaders. We want a touchdown gotta have a touchdown go go go go!” Another thing that we talk about at HHE is HALLOWEEN! At Halloween we all dress up and get candy to last us a lifetime. Halloween is full of fun, dressing up, fall carnivals, jack-o-lanterns, and pumpkin patches.

The last thing we love to talk about is FALL BREAK! Who doesn’t love a few days off? During fall break we have Thanksgiving. To me Thanksgiving is a time where you come together with family. My favorite part of Thanksgiving is all the yummy food and lounging on the couch watching a fabulous movie with family.

These are the things I love about fall. Is fall a favorite season for you? “Orange and brown leaves falling on the ground. Let’s go fall!”

The Bee’s Buzz
Chris Porter
Hammond Hill Correspondents
October 14, 2010

Have you ever been hooked to a bungee cord while you raced as fast as you could? I got to on Saturday, October 2 at the Hammond Hill Elementary carnival. Visitors to the carnival got to enjoy games, the book fair, delicious food and good times.

The games were lots of fun. There was a bounce house, and tons of kids bounced in it. The bungee run was one of many inflatable games. In this game two people had to wear a vest attached to a long bungee cord while holding a little bean bag with Velcro attached to it. Two people would race down the row and try to stick their small bean bags on a strip of Velcro before getting yanked back by the bungee cord. There was also a rock climbing wall. Now that is what I call fun! Finally, there were games for all ages, and players won good candy if they played the games.

The games were not the only fun things to do at the carnival. The book fair was also going on in the library. Four cashiers were needed because there were so many kids at the book fair. The carnival was held on the last day of Hammond Hill’s book fair. Outside the book fair, a silent auction took place. Each class put together a themed basket and had a class picture to be auctioned off to the highest bidder. My fifth grade class’s basket theme was the North Augusta Yellow Jackets. The food at the carnival was amazing, especially the hot dogs. YUM!

Thank you to all the teachers and volunteers who made this carnival a success.


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